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Elegance Medi Spa specializes in bringing together a family of professionals to solve every known skin-care or beauty problem. From losing weight to having glowing skin to getting rid of unwanted hair, our spa can help you be a more beautiful individual mentally and physically. Our therapists and aestheticians work together to deliver the best possible service for every personalized need for every client who simply becomes a part of the Elegance family after one visit. Elegance Medi Spa can also host your event. We have capacity for 15-20 people, and for a large group you can rent out the whole spa. Whether its wedding day prep, a botox party, or party for any occasion, Elegance Medi Spa will set up food, drinks, and an itinerary of treatments for the day.
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"I am a physician and when some of my patients come to me, they look in the mirror and don't think they see a beautiful face because of how terrible they feel on the inside. Whether it is from disease, lack of confidence, or a skin condition, these insecurities can make you feel worse than you may already feel. To look good and feel better about yourself aesthetically is important from a medical aspect. It gives you confidence and it helps with your medical problems also. If I can't cure a disease that affects the body, I want to be able to help in any way I can. This is the reason why Elegance Medi Spa exists. I want patients to at least feel better and feeling stems from the confidence in the way you look. If you have body aches or arthritis, we can help with specially customized massages to help you feel better. If you develop hyperpigmentation from a skin disease, we can help with our laser skin rejuventation. There is no reason to be uncomfortable with the way you feel. Elegance Medi Spa is here to make all our clients feel like supermodels!"

- Dr. Anu Chaudhry
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Our Mission Statement

We strongly believe in the healing power of feeling beautiful for any individual. Our goal is to help you achieve the beauty you want wherever necessary, whenever necessary so that you can be the best person possible, with the absolute highest confidence levels.
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